Currently in preparation is the web series Dance by Day. Set in a modern dance company in Toronto, this story lets us into the world of modern dance, and the difficult life choices all artists must face. Filled with original chorography, an A-list cast, and cameos from key figures in the dance scene, Dance by Day will be a must-watch.

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Guess who's come to town where he crosses paths with a like-minded soul. This dream project has many elements in place, and will happen in a matter of time.

Hollywood North

Love strikes an actor in Toronto when a big-budget production comes to town starring a pop culture celebrity. Does he have a chance? And is she worth it?


Four short stories invite us into the lives of couples, all at varying stages of life and love.

Episode 1 Your Ex-Lover is Dead pt. 1Watch now!
Episode 2 Your Ex-Lover is Dead pt. 2Watch now!
Episode 3 Pick a Pocket or Two Watch now!
Episode 4 A Mentor Watch now!
Episode 5 Know Your Target Watch now!
Episode 6 Whip It Watch now!
Episode 7 It Always Catches Up To You Watch now!
Episode 8 Balance Due Watch now!