The Digital Jouranal says of Clutch, "uncensored and edgy, it takes you places where a tv show would never dare to go."

Limited Release says "It's beautifully shot...thumbs up."

Clutch was nominated for Best Action or Sci Fi Series at the 2013 Streamy Awards, was an Honoree for Drama at the 2012 Webby Awards, winner of 8 awards at LA Web Fest, and several other distinctions. It has played on the big screen in Marseille, the International Television Festival, and the IFQ Festival (winner: Best International Program).

I loved seeing Toronto so beautifully shot. (Jonathan Robbins is) a young filmmaker with lots of talent."

- Theresa Tova on Triggerstreet Online for 2003 OFF
What You Eat

What You Eat (Jonathan Robbins, DP, editor): "...very visually beautiful. It is filmed with deep, saturated colors, austere sets, and very cold, sober acting."

- Allison Lyzenga, DCAPA Film Festival Review
The Beauty of Touch

"The Beauty of Touch is a perfectly beautiful work of art, so brave and sensual.”

- Bo Hitchock, Playboy Magazine
Fan Quarterly "Clutch hits stays with you long after watching"
Snobby Robot ReviewRe: winning the Best Director title at Snobby Robot 2012 Awards: "Jonathan gets the Best Director nod (for his) singular, focussed vision."
IMDB reviewer “I absolutley fell in love with this web series (Clutch).”

Mark Yuhasz, Alfonso Films "Hats off to Mr. Robbins as an actor and director."
Dances With Films Selection Committee On undercurrent (DP, co-editor Jonathan Robbins)"Good contemporary camerawork and editing compliment intense performers in the cinema verite style."
writer Colin Frizzell “Exploring without boundries, without limits and using the camera as it was meant to be used, to capture images in motion and show the beauty in humanity, the beauty of touch.”