Beauty of Touch
This modern dance collaboration features an enchanting score by composer John Mitchell Featuring Toronto Dance Theatre's Sean Ling and Rebecca Cottrill, loose choreography and improvised camerawork interpret the moment of waking up next to someone you love on a warm summer day.
Duration: 3 minutes (note: contains nudity)
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9 Crimes
A finalist at the Toronto Urban Film Festival, this video set to Damien Rice's 9 Crimes features Jacqueline Awad, Jonathan Baldock and Luis Cabrera.
Duration: 3 minutes
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City in Peril
Made for the Toronto Urban Film Festival, this graphic novel-esque tale is set in future Toronto. See what happens when our city goes the way of fictional comic book metropolises. Featuring Darren Adderley and Katya Gardner. Also featuring a 1968 Cobra!
Duration: 1 minute
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Everyone has insecurities, and it all comes down to inches... their waste size, their privates' size... As a couple take the next step in their relatioship, moving in together, these issues of confidence are brought to the surface.
Duration: 30 minutes (note: contains nudity)
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Syphon of the Soul This MovMe presentation is sure to catch the world by storm, and surprise. mojoPro Films are Associate Producers, continuing our collaboration begun with Clutch.
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Clutch Season Two The search for funding is on, to continue the stories of Kylie and find out more about the people in her world.
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