Actor Demo Reels are a specialty at mojopro. For $250, you get 10 copies of your reel, with headshot printed right on the disc. We can optionally add bonus features, such as commercials you've done, for that little extra if you're agent hunting. We'll work with you at our Bloor St W location to select your best work and cut it to a tight presentation with an attractive DVD menu and optional headshot gallery. We can also update your existing reel for sessions starting at $100.

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Samples... Here are some reels we've cut together, representing actors with varying amounts of work under their belt. Most downloadable reels are QuickTime movies, most in the h.264 codec.
Not just actor reels, we've cut dance montages, and corporate reels together. Check out our special Burlington Dance Company page for an example of a dance company montage reel.

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Jonathan Robbins mojopro Films creator has worked considerably as an actor. You can visit his actor site to see commercials and films, or watch his directing demo reel right here.
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Darren Adderley Actor Darren Adderley frequently produces for mojopro Films. View his acting demo here.
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Short and Simple.
Though our clients will often want their demo reels to be content-heavy, casting directors say the best reels are short and simple. "3 30 second scenes edited down to just the actor's work will tell me everything I need to know." - Marsha Chesley

When to Make a Reel.
When you've got 3 or 4 well shot solid scenes that show different sides of you, there's enough to cut a good reel.